Left-Wing Publication: CNN’s Jim Acosta Is ‘Dangerous’ To ‘Journalism’


A left-leaning news publication published an article this week profiling CNN’s Jim Acosta, suggesting that the White House correspondent has “lost the fight” and become a “performance journalist” rather than a real reporter.

The Atlantic published “Jim Acosta’s Dangerous Brand of Performance Journalism” on Tuesday, which accuses the professional provocateur of “amplifying the president’s anti-press campaign.”

“Whenever a reporter who has not been kidnapped by terrorists, shot by an assailant, or won a big prize becomes an actor in her own story, she has lost the fight,” The Atlantic’s Todd Purdum wrote. “Or in this case, reinforced the corrosive, cynical, and deeply dangerous feedback loop that has convinced Trump’s most fervent supporters that his relentless brief against the press has merit: FAKE NEWS! SAD!”

Purdue noted that the White House press briefings have become “a circus of reportorial self-expression” and “self-promotion,” things that Acosta has seemingly built his personal brand on.- READ MORE

Jim Acosta, CNN’s favorite narcissist, took to CBS on Wednesday evening to continue his crusade for fame and infamy by pretending to be some sort of champion of press freedom.

When asked by Late Show host Stephen Colbert about making himself the story, Acosta stated that he’s “allowed to care about this country as much as anybody else.”

“We’re not supposed to be the story, you know. That’s not why I’m out there,” Acosta responded. “I get accused of that from time to time, and my attitude is ‘Listen, I’m allowed to care about this country as much as anybody else.”READ MORE

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