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Leaked memo: Dems told to ‘lead from behind’ with Black Lives Matter


Democratic campaign officials advised House candidates to limit the number of Black Lives Matter activists at public events and promise no support for “concrete policy positions” as lawmakers hit the campaign trail late last year, according to newly leaked documents.

The internal memo from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) leaked by the hacker Guccifer 2.0 warned staff to “be prepared” for Black Lives Matter protests and offered a set of “best practices” designed to preclude potentially embarrassing confrontations.

“Be a partner and lead from behind,” reads the memo to DCCC staff, dated Nov. 19, 2015. “BLM activists don’t want their movement co-opted by the Democratic Party. They are leary [sic] of politicians who hijack their message to win campaigns.”

Among the advised tactics, Democrats were counseled to engage with Black Lives Matter activists and “listen to their concerns” but to do so at “personal or small group meetings.”

“If approached by BLM activists, campaign staff should offer to meet with local activists,” the memo says. “Invited BLM attendees should be limited.”

The DCCC issued a statement Wednesday saying the party “highly respects and values” BLM’s cause and “will not allow this hacking to distract from our common goals nor disparage the BLM movement.”  – READ MORE
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