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Leaked Emails Detail Twitter’s Censorship of Marsha Blackburn’s Pro-life Beliefs


Twitter blocked one of Blackburn’s U.S. campaign ads in which she touted her pro-life beliefs and her opposition to selling baby parts, which the social media giant claimed is “inflammatory.”

On Monday, Twitter censored one of Marsha Blackburn’s twitter videos, in which she proudly defended her pro-life record. In the censored campaign ad, Blackburn said that she “stopped the sale of body parts.”

In the email exchange, a social media team asked Twitter why they suspended Rep. Blackburn’s campaign ad over the weekend for allegedly not following Twitter’s ad policy. Blackburn’s ad featured her opposition to Planned Parenthood and abortion.

The Twitter representative replied, “Yes – it appears that the line in this video specific to ‘stopped the sale of baby body parts’ has been deemed an inflammatory statement that is likely to evoke a strong negative reaction. If this is omitted from the video it will be permitted to serve.” READ MORE

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