Leader McCarthy Uses Pelosi’s Own Words Against Her: ‘Why Do You Not Trust The People?’ (VIDEO)


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Thursday for not being honest with the American people when she outlined her caucus’ agenda when overtaking the majority.

“Democrats are trying to impeach the president because they are scared they cannot defeat him at the ballot box — that’s not my words, that’s the words of my colleagues from the other side of the aisle that have offered impeachment three different times,” McCarthy said while speaking on the House floor. “This impeachment is not only an attempt to undo the last election, it is an attempt to influence the next one as well.”

“This is not what Democrats promised when they entered the majority 11 months ago … we heard what the speaker said when she talked about words of optimism and cooperation. It was said we would work together to make America stronger, more secure, and more prosperous,” he continued. “We were told our mission was to return the power to the people. In fact, our new colleagues on the other side of the aisle were sent to Washington with a mandate to do just that. So what’s happening? Nothing like that today.”

McCarthy’s remarks came during the House’s debate period on the resolution establishing the process for the Democrat-led impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump. Pelosi had previously been reluctant to embrace her caucus’ demands to move forward on impeachment proceedings, even as the calls grew louder. – READ MORE

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