Lawyer for Whistleblowers: ‘None of Our Clients Intend to Reveal Their Identities’


The whistleblowers who have come forward with allegations involving President Trump and Ukraine do not intend to reveal their identities, according to a lawyer representing them, raising the prospect Americans may never know who prompted an impeachment inquiry.

“None of our clients intend to reveal their identities. After having proceeded through the system properly and lawfully, they have a legal right to remain anonymous,” said lawyer Mark Zaid in an email statement to Breitbart News.

“In light of their intelligence community status and the heightened partisanship, revealing their identities, correctly or falsely, places those individuals and their families at risk of harm and harassment,” he said.

Republicans are becoming increasingly outraged at the prospect of Democrats conducting an “impeachment inquiry” in secret. Democrats have not taken an official vote in the House to begin an official impeachment inquiry, which would trigger certain rights for Republican lawmakers, and have refused to release the transcripts of witnesses who have recently testified to Congress as part of the inquiry.

The Washington Post reported Monday that House Democrats are weighing “extraordinary steps” to mask the identity of a CIA official who filed a whistleblower complaint against Trump, prompting their so-called impeachment inquiry. – READ MORE

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