Lawsuit seeks investigation into claims Rep. Omar abused immigration system, married brother


A former Justice Department prosecutor is asking a U.S. District Court in Washington to review mounting evidence that Socialist Congresswoman Ilhan Omar committed immigration fraud by marrying her brother to get him into the country.

The allegations against Omar, one of the first two Muslim women in Congress, are not new, but her reluctance to put them to rest, coupled with an abundance of photo evidence and deleted social media activity, strongly suggests Omar married her brother Ahmed Elmi in 2009.

The issue first surfaced during Omar’s campaign for Minnesota state representative in 2016, when a post to the online message board alleged she was legally married to Ahmed Elmi while married by Islamic tradition to the father of her children, Ahmed Hirsi.

Local reporters and her then opponent pursued the allegations and discovered government records that supported the claim, including evidence Omar was still married to Elmi while describing Hirsi as her husband. Omar later confirmed the allegations, but denied Elmi is her brother. – READ MORE

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