Lawmaker Slips Up, Admits ‘We Have To Regulate Every Aspect of People’s Lives’


You should remember the name Jesse Dominguez. He lives in Santa Barbara where he is a city councilman.

The reason you should care about this particular councilman in Santa Barbara is because he holds a surprising view of personal freedom and liberty. Dominguez recently said in a public meeting: “Unfortunately, common sense is just not common. We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives.”

When he made these comments he was debating the earnestly important matter of the criminalization of plastic straws.


“I just wanted to apologize,” Dominguez said at the beginning of the meeting, according to Santa Barbara’s Noozhawk. “A few weeks ago I made a string of words in a rhetorical fashion about regulation and they were not taken as rhetorical and that’s my fault so I want to apologize.”

It’s not clear whether Dominguez has learned his lesson about controlling every aspect of people’s lives, however, because he still voted to support the plastic straw ban. – READ MORE


“Pawn Stars” icon Rick Harrison isn’t particularly a fan of the participation trophy — and, in an appearance this weekend on Mark Levin’s Fox News show, he let everyone know how he felt about the ultimate symbol of the snowflake generation and how it’s influencing the left to move toward socialism.

“We’re raising an entire generation that gets a participation trophy?” Harrison told the “Life, Liberty & Levin” host.

Levin, 60, then asked Harrison, 53, about members of their own generation who are pushing the snowflake-socialist agenda.

Harrison concurred. “Which, power hungry is basically ‘evil’ in most situations. And they’re completely intellectually dishonest.”

The participation trophy is an interesting metaphor for the current movement of Democrats toward socialism. – READ MORE

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