Law Enforcement Supervisory Board Says Cop Phones, Social Media And Computers Should Be Checked For Racist Tendencies


A California law enforcement oversight board requested police departments throughout the state to regularly check officer’s cell phones, social media and computers for racist tendencies.

The Racial and Identity Profiling Advisory Board (RIPA) in its 2021 report said police bosses should “monitor agency-issued cell phones and computers” as well as personal “social media” to “identify problematic behavior and discipline officers to demonstrate to the entire agency that racist or bigoted viewpoints are not tolerated.”

RIPA, which was founded amid calls to defund the police following the death of George Floyd, insisted that California officers may be harboring “implicit biases” which affect a cop’s ability to carry out his duties with “procedural justice,” the findings read.

The report also compiled traffic stop data that suggested Hispanic Americans made up roughly 39% of traffic stops, whites comprised 33% of pull-overs, blacks 16% and asians around 6%, the data showed. RIPA added that black people saw the largest proportion of stops due to “reasonable suspicion” out of all of the races at 21%, followed by multi-racial individuals at 13.2%, according to the report.

Black individuals also had the highest rate of being searched of any other group (21%), the highest probability of being detained (18%), handcuffed (14%) and removed from a vehicle (8%), RIPA wrote.

RIPA recommended that law enforcement collect data on police misconduct, utilize body-worn cameras, implement aggressive oversight from supervisors and have “bias-free” policies on policing.

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