Laura Loomer grabs the mic: ‘The Women’s March does not represent Jewish people’ (VIDEO)


Former Project Veritas reporter and far-right activist Laura Loomer smuggled herself onto the Women’s March main stage in New York to shout that the Women’s March “does not represent Jewish people.”

Loomer livestreamed herself on Instagram maneuvering through a crowd and making her way to the main stage. She interrupted Agunda Okeyo, the director of the Women’s March New York City, who was giving her opening remarks. Okeyo, who identifies as pansexual, was born in Kenya but is a resident of the Bronx.

Loomer told security that she was a member of the media and made her way to the stage, filming the crowd. After a few seconds, she approached the microphone and attempted to seize it from Okeyo, yelling, “What about the Jews.”

“The Women’s March does not represent Jewish people. The Women’s March is the real Nazi march. The Women’s March hates Jews,” Loomer shouted as security approached her and escorted her off the stage to cheers from the crowd. – READ MORE

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