Laughable Jim Acosta: ‘I Have Never Witnessed’ Any News Outlet Taking a Stand on Issues


Publishers Weekly magazine has a new interview with CNN’s Jim Acosta under the headline “Speaking Truth to Power: PW talks to Jim Acosta.” [Hat tip: Ken Shepherd.] Will Boisvert was a tougher interviewer than Acosta’s colleague Brian Stelter, but that’s not saying much. The last question and answer was a hoot:

PW: Is there a grain of truth to claims of biased coverage of President Trump and his supporters by the mainstream media?

ACOSTA: I have never witnessed a concerted effort by any news organization to take a stand one way or the other on a political issue, to damage one particular party or help another. We have been far more honest and straightforward with the American people than President Trump has. Are there times when we fall short? Sure. But the press issues corrections. When was the last time you saw the president issue a correction or a clarification? It’s a rare thing for Donald J. Trump.

This is about as plausible as saying “I have never witnessed any person eating a hamburger.”

The interview began with typical questions about the “enemy of the people” phrase, and Acosta being banned from the White House for nine whole days. – READ MORE

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