Las Vegas Sheriff Changes Story; Admits True Pundit Exposé of SWAT Firing Gun in Paddock’s Hotel Room is True


Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo has once again changed his narrative of the Oct. 1 massacre after True Pundit published audio of a SWAT unit officer admitting officer(s) had fired a weapon after breaching Stephen Paddock’s hotel room at Mandalay Bay.

Lombardo for weeks, along with FBI officials, claimed no shots were fired and Paddock killed himself. On Monday Lombardo admitted a gun was fired by Las Vegas Metro after entering Paddock’s room, essentially backing True Pundit’s story.

Lombardo said the episode is now under investigation. He called the gunshot an accident, however. He’ll likely change that again too in a few days like most of the other revolving facts in the case.

Lombardo changed gears a week after True Pundit, On Oct. 24th, published audio from Las Vegas Metro SWAT. The audio provided a raw and chilling feed from Las Vegas Metro SWAT and confirmed officers did engage in gunfire after breaching Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s hotel suite, directly contradicting FBI and police claims that Paddock killed himself.

According to the audio, Paddock was likely gunned down by LVMPD’s elite “Zebra Unit” SWAT force. A SWAT officer code named “Zebra20” and apparent leader of the team’s strike force who led the raid on Paddock’s Mandalay Bay suite reported on police radio that one member of his team did open fire inside Paddock’s room.

“We have one SWAT officer that did fire,” the SWAT strike force team leader said, according to the audio transcript.

Here is the original story and video:

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