Larry Elder Attacks Media, Shows Multiple Times They Called Republicans Monkeys


There seem to be two wildly different standards in America today: One for liberals, and one for conservatives.

Roseanne Barr may not fit conveniently into either of those categories, but her recent scandal has exposed this double standard perfectly.

This week, of course, Roseanne had her successful television show of the same name unexpectedly canceled and her career possibly destroyed… all because of a single tweet.

Larry Elder, however, didn’t join in the outraged mob. The conservative talk show host, who also happens to be black, used Twitter to make a point the left has ignored: The comedian’s post may not have been based on racism, and liberals have made similar bad jokes for years without consequences.

On Wednesday, Elder posted a comparison photo showing both Valerie Jarrett and a makeup-wearing figure from “Planet of the Apes.”

But wait! There’s more! Elder also posted a video of CNBC News in 2007, during which liberal reporter Erin Burnett blatantly called President George W. Bush a “monkey” on live television.

Was Burnett scolded or ostracized for literally calling the president, a man with daughters and grandchildren, a “monkey?” No. Actually, she was promoted, and now hosts her own show on CNN.


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