Lara Trump: Democrats Want Illegal Immigrants Coming Into U.S. Because ‘Those Are New Voters’


Lara Trump, President Donald Trump‘s daughter-in-law turned senior adviser, said on Fox Business Monday morning that Democratic lawmakers want illegal immigrants to enter the United States because “those are new voters for the Democrats.”

Lara Trump, who before taking a job with the president’s campaign worked as a chef, personal trainer and television producer, appeared for an interview with Stuart Varney to talk immigration policy amidst the chaos at the border.


“They don’t,” Lara Trump agreed. “They want to keep people in chaos, they want to keep people upset and in an uproar so that way people are motivated to go out and vote.”

“And make no mistake about it they want these people coming in because those are new voters for the Democrats coming over the border,” she added. No correction from Fox Business host Varney on this completely unfounded claim. – READ MORE

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