LAPD: Homicides Up 250% During Past Week of ‘Defund Police’ Peaceful Protests


The defund chatter has been loud in my former city of residence, Los Angeles. Lunatic Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that he would defund the LAPD to the tune of $150 million, all the while implying that the police in L.A. are killers.

Garcetti may want to pump the brakes on his budget cuts and his rhetoric a bit. The locals have been a bit out of hand in the City of Angels recently. The Los Angeles Police Department announced Tuesday that homicides in the city increased 250% over the previous week, and the number of people who were shot increased by 56% during the same period.

The increased numbers were recorded during the week of May 31-June 6, but officials also reported continued violence this week.

Throw in the fact that Chicago had eighteen murders in twenty-four hours over the weekend and one may be tempted to believe that police departments in liberal cities are under-funded. – READ MORE

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