LAPD cops are so angry over filthy conditions at downtown station, some are planning to revolt


Los Angeles police officers are so angry at the filthy and unhealthy conditions at the downtown station that serves skid row that they are considering transferring away to another station.

The report from the Los Angeles Times documents the frustration and anger from officers who believe their health is being threatened by working under the horrible conditions.

According to that report, the LAPD Central Division station was found to be operating with unsanitary conditions, including rat infestations, by a state officials.

A report from Cal/OSHA also found “the presence of rats/rodents, fleas, roaches, flies, gnats, mosquitoes and grasshoppers was detected at the LAPD Central Community Police Station,.”

This comes on the heels of a report that showed mountains of rat-infested rotting garbage were being neglected by Los Angeles city officials. Many worried that the unsanitary conditions could lead to an outbreak of disease like typhus or even the plague. – READ MORE

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