Landfill grapples with 900 non-recyclable wind turbine blades — expected to take ‘hundreds of years’ to degrade


A Wyoming landfill is burying massive fiberglass wind turbine blades in a huge unlined pit because they’re not recyclable, and there’s no other good use for them.

At least three wind farms in the state are scraping more than 900 old environmentally unfriendly blades that will be sawed into pieces and hauled to the Casper Regional Landfill over the next year.

Casper Solid Waste Manager Cynthia Langston told KGWN the facility is the only one in the state big enough to handle the massive blades, which are expected to take hundreds of years to degrade.

“So Casper happens to be, I think it is, the biggest landfill facility in the state of Wyoming. These blades are really big, and they take up a lot of airspace, and our unlined area is very, very large, and it’s going to last hundreds of years.” – READ MORE

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