Lady Gaga: ‘When You’re Born In This Country, We All Drink The Poison That Is White Supremacy’


Pop music icon Lady Gaga believes that white supremacy is such a fundamental part of the United States that every American takes a sip from this poisonous well the moment they are born upon this soil.

Speaking with Billboard in a wide-ranging interview, the “Bad Romance” singer said that she has been working hard to undo the white supremacist ingrained in her from birth.

“I am in the process of learning and unlearning things I’ve been taught my whole life,” she said, as reported by The Hill. “When you’re born in this country, we all drink the poison that is white supremacy. Social justice is not just a literacy, it’s a lifestyle.”

Regarding the latest social media campaign that had high-profile celebrities posting black squares as their profile pics in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, Lady Gaga seemed to call it “performative activism.” – READ MORE

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