Keynote Speaker Honored at Women’s March Attended by Comey’s Wife & Daughters Was Russian Asset on FBI’s ‘Most Wanted List;’ Lobbied to Release Killer of Two FBI Agents


The FBI Director’s wife and daughters attending a rally honoring a Russian-backed radical and cop-killer advocate who was once on the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted List.’

The march’s honoree has lobbied for the release of the convicted murderer of two FBI agents.

This is not a Hollywood script. Welcome to James Comey’s America and a glimpse into the mentality that has led to the downfall of the modern FBI.

Fired FBI Director Comey boasted on ABC Sunday night that his wife and daughters attended a Women’s March in 2017 to show their support for Hillary Clinton.

The proud-as-a-peacock husband and father, however — who was FBI Director at the time of the march — failed to mention the co-chairperson of the event and keynote speaker was a radical communist revolutionary who was previously on the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted List.’

It actually gets worse.

Mrs. Comey and daughters and friends at the march 

Remember, Comey was also in charge on the Trump Russia investigation prior to his removal from the FBI, investigating President Trump and his inner circle for any and all Russian contacts.

Perhaps Comey should have investigated his wife and daughters Russian contacts at the Women’s March. It’s organizer and keynote speaker, Angela Davis, has a long list of Russian connections. Those same connections and a criminal streak landed the radical on the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted List.’

  • Angela Davis was a soldier of the Soviet-controlled communist movement
  • She was the recipient of the coveted Lenin Peace Prize after her release from prison
  • She was locked up for being an accomplice in a jailbreak that resulted in a federal judge’s murder
  • She supports the early release convicted FBI and cop killers, including:
  • Leonard Peltier who murdered two FBI agents
  • Mumia Abu Jamal who killed Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner
  • Assata Shakur was convicted of murdering a New Jersey State Trooper. She escaped from U.S. custody and is currently an international fugitive with a $2 million reward offered by the FBI.

Only in the corrupt Swamp of Washington D.C. could Comey even keep his security clearances after such a debacle. Any field agent would have been stripped of their credentials and fired.

Not Comey. He applauded it on national television.

From journalist Chris McCarthy:

Angela Davis is a violent revolutionary who has spent her life trying to convert America into a communist dictatorship. The website of the Women’s March was honest enough to include this in her biography: “She draws upon her own experiences in the early seventies as a person who spent 18 months in jail and on trial, after being placed on the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted List’.”

When Angela Davis addressed the Comey family and others in Washington to attack our President, she had a very clear message, and it was consistent with her entire life’s work. She told the Comeys and others who joined them to listen to her, “We celebrate the impending release of Chelsea Manning. And Oscar Lopez Rivera. But we also say free Leonard Peltier. Free Mumia Abu-Jamal. Free Assata Shakur.”

At the time he was investigating Russian involvement in our political process, why would he allow his daughters to participate in a rally organized by communists with deep connections to the country he was most concerned about?

Did someone mention Trump’s integrity?

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