Key Forensic Evidence in Las Vegas Shooting Sidestepped; FBI Brass Applauded Ignorance While Loved Ones Buried Their Dead


The FBI and the Las Vegas Metro Police Department did not follow credible leads revealing the distinct possibility of another shooter working inside the hotel suite alongside Stephen Paddock, FBI insiders and intelligence officials confirm.

When FBI brass was provided with forensic evidence of multiple gunmen, they told agents to stand down and focus on Stephen Paddock only. Even a key video captured by a hotel guest of multiple rifles firing from Mandalay Bay went ignored, covered up.

The troubling debate among veteran FBI agents and intelligence experts isn’t the question of whether there were multiple shooters during the Las Vegas massacre in October.

The real dilemma at the heart of a supposed sweeping probe of the Mandalay Bay deadly shooting is that federal law enforcement agents were told Not to follow any and all investigative leads to determine whether Stephen Paddock had another gunmen behind the trigger.

Over 500 people gunned down and 58 killed and investigators hot on the trail are told to relax, don’t follow the clues.

When superiors instruct law enforcement to not follow credible leads, something usually smells funny for a reason and that fact has stuck with FBI insiders with knowledge of the Las Vegas probe.

This is not a debate among would-be conspiracy theorists on YouTube and social media. These are seasoned professional investigators who say the Las Vegas investigation is tainted for reasons far above their pay grades, reasons they cannot comprehend. Law enforcement are trained to hunt and find bad guys and when their own bosses become an obstacle to that process — especially in a high-profile case like the Las Vegas shooting that killed 58 concert goers — suspicions begin to spill over.

And some media become a clearing house to air those grievances to the public, while some other media help keep the secrets shrouded. A public tug of war of sorts that often takes on a life of its own, moving the debate from the shadows into the public spotlight for all to judge.

In the sunlight.

Law Enforcement has publicly refused to consider a possible second shooter theory; however, some analysts appear to be looking at other possible evidence suggesting that Paddock did not act alone, directly or indirectly.  The recent arrest of Douglas Haig for providing illegal ammunition to Mr. Paddock is not considered strategically relevant, FBI insiders maintain.

Haig’s arrest is a smoke screen disguised as a meaty bone tossed to the growing number of people who feel Paddock had co-conspirators.

A key video captured during the shooting is a game changer, according to intelligence officials who maintain the audio on the feed clearly indicate an overlap of rifle fire — multiple rifles firing from Mandalay Bay. But that nine-minute video, attached below, has been ignored, covered up, by FBI brass, sources said.

Tactical analysts believe there is a possible second shooter present in the audio stream and that this shooter is discernible at various points throughout the attack.

Based on this video and others obtained by the FBI, season intelligence experts and FBI insiders recommended detailed acoustic analysis of the entire event “with constructive interference and noise generation of sound waves within the rifle reports post-filtering the audio stream for the numerous echoes and other noise,” according to one well placed FBI insider, who continued explaining the rational to a True Pundit reporter:

“Sub-optimized due to non-synchronous firing of weapons, this constructive interference actually creates sound amplification spikes (loudness) in the sound waves themselves and this would indicate the presence of a second shooter. This phenomenon would be best captured from audio/video devices close to the Mandalay Bay firing points.”

But the FBI brass in Las Vegas, headed by Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse, never green lighted such analysis. In fact, according to sources, the FBI has largely ignored such rudimentary investigative steps. Agents who wanted to pursue this were redirected to focus on Paddock, as the FBI brass wanted to build a lone wolf and lone shooter narrative, absent investigative leads pointing elsewhere.

The FBI’s “official” narrative to date: Paddock was a mysterious maniac. A habitual gambler who snapped, bought guns and went off. And no one knows why.

But intelligence veterans maintain the video tells a much different narrative.

At the very beginning of the attached video, there are two distinct streams of fire appear to be discernible, a well-place intelligence official said.

“The first five audible shots appear to originate from a first shooter who pauses after these first five shots,” the intelligence veteran said. “The second possible shooter — who is firing at a much higher rate of speed and for a longer duration — follows immediately thereafter.  The first shooter then begins firing again at the same time as the second shooter but at a noticeably slower rate. All of this takes place within the first five seconds of the video.

“These seemingly disparate sound streams cannot logically come from the same weapon, fired at the same time, by the same lone shooter. One of the areas of keen interest is the acoustics and sounds that are being stripped and separated using highly sophisticated programs that digitally lay down the signature for each sound emission or in this case, each shot, from each gun and from every potential angle.”

FBI sources said these assessments too were provided to FBI brass — among numerous others — and were likewise swept under the rug. FBI agents who pursued these leads did so on their own, without official authorization from their superiors, sources said.

Patriots who upheld their sworn oaths in spite of their politically-jaed bosses. The FBI might have losts its direction but there are still good soldiers trying to right the ship, waiting for their bosses to be forced walk the plank by new FBI Director Christopher Wray.

To the trained investigator, the rifle reports in this video stream provide the most solid indicator as to the presence of a second shooter. Still, better sound pathology is needed, experts said, to weed out idiosyncrasies of such an urban, cluttered acoustic environment.

Despite debriefings, FBI agents have never been given direction to seek such enhanced forensic audio tests, sources said.


So here we are. Five months after Las Vegas and all the corporate-infused spin ginned up by MGM resorts working in the shadows with FBI brass and LVMPD officials who have — time and time again — been caught lying at almost every bend and corner of the narrative.

And now we are discovering these entities not only wanted to hide the details of the shootings from the general public, but also their own officers and agents. And in essence, set law enforcement on a road absent investigative diversions, where questions and leads were never followed or authorized to be dug into.

A road of ignorance where common investigate steps were skipped, sidestepped by FBI brass who applauded such malfeasance while loved ones buried the dead.


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