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Kerry Profits As Protesting Tibetan Monk Burns Self To Death


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Secretary of State John Kerry continues to hold shares in a luxury Chinese bottling company operating in occupied Tibet amid escalating human rights protests, including a gruesome self-immolation by a former Tibetan monk, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group has learned.

Kerry and the U.S. State Department said nothing about the Dec. 8 suicide by Tashi Rabten, a 30-year old former monk who set himself on fire in Machu County in Eastern Tibet to protest Chinese occupation of the country, according to department Lauren Hickey.

Rabten was seen running down a roadway, his body engulfed in flames as a passerby chanted prayers. He collapsed on a sidewalk as his skin burned away, revealing charred skeletal remains. Rabten left behind a statement, saying “we Tibetans are not scared of death. I was left with the only choice of self-immolation to war people.” – READ MORE

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