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Kerry Admits His Syria Policy Has Been A Failure As Russians Threaten Over Possible US Intervention


Three days after he issued an ultimatum to Russia over the aerial attacks of the Russian and Syrian air force on Aleppo — Syria’s second largest city that has been pounded relentlessly this week — a leak tape revealed that Secretary of State John Kerry has admitted that his policy in Syria has been a failure.

Kerry admitted he lost the argument for the use of military force against the brutal regime of the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad during deliberations about the war in the White House. The latter last week shattered the latest Syrian ceasefire brokered by America’s top diplomat.

Assad’s air force, together with Russian planes, attacked a UN convoy near Aleppo a week after the truce came into being, killing 20 UN aid workers and destroying all trucks with humanitarian aid destined for 250,000 civilians who are trapped in the besieged city. – READ MORE

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