Kelly Defends ‘Zero-Tolerance’ Policy, Claims Vast Number of Illegals ‘Have No Skill’


White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has defended his claim that illegal immigrants “don’t have skills” and cannot “integrate well” into American society.

According to The Hill, the comment was made during an interview on Thursday with NPR’s “Morning Edition,” where Kelly was asked about the “zero-tolerance” policy instituted by the Department of Justice.

“The vast majority of the people that move illegally into (the) United States are not bad people. They’re not criminals. They’re not MS-13,” Kelly said.

“But they’re also not people that would easily assimilate into the United States, into our modern society,” he added. “They’re overwhelmingly rural people.”

The chief of staff went on to claim that, in the countries where those immigrants are from, “fourth-, fifth-, sixth-grade educations are kind of the norm.”

Though Kelly admitted to sympathizing with those that cross onto American soil illegally, he suggested that no sympathy is above the law.

“They don’t speak English; obviously that’s a big thing. … They don’t integrate well; they don’t have skills,” Kelly said. “They’re not bad people.”

“They’re coming here for a reason. And I sympathize with the reason. But the laws are the laws,” he added, touting the newly implemented zero-tolerance policy. READ MORE

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