Kavanaugh Can File Defamation Suit on ‘Scurrilous Allegations’


Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh (pictured above) “absolutely” should consider filing a defamation lawsuit against some of the most “scurrilous allegations” against him in his confirmation process, defamation attorney Thomas A. “Tom” Clare said Wednesday night on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.”

“There is so much reckless conduct out there and reckless speech, starting with the accusers, starting with the media repeating these uncorroborated, baseless allegations without knowing whether it’s true or false,” Clare, a partner at Clare Locke LLP, told Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

“It is absolutely reckless — celebrity lawyers that are jumping in front of cameras to repeat this stuff,” Clare added, apparently referring to lawyer Michael Avenatti. “[Kavanaugh] absolutely has recourse. It’s the only thing in our system that he can do, is to pursue a defamation claim.”


When Ingraham asked Clare if the quaaludes accusation was enough for a defamation case, he replied, “It absolutely can be. You’re falsely accusing someone of a criminal act of drugging someone for [the] purposes of a sexual assault. And if that statement was made recklessly — and I certainly believe it was — there’s plenty of elements of recklessness in that sort of conduct.”

“It gives rise to a defamation claim. And Judge Kavanaugh should absolutely keep those options on the table,” he insisted. – READ MORE

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