Kathy Griffin Says Her Next Photoshoot Will Feature Severed Head Of Mike Pence


Unfunny comedian Kathy Griffin’s career imploded after she posted pictures of herself holding a bloody severed head made up to look like President Trump.

That happened in May 2017. She all but disappeared as criticism over the stunt was fierce. By last November, she had come unglued. The D-list comedian posted a bizarre video to her YouTube page called “State of the Union,” in which she said, “I’m admitting that I lost my mind.”

Although Griffin held a press conference in which she cried, bemoaning her bad fortune, it was clear that she has not changed her stripes. At the end of the segment with Maher, she said she planned to pose with Mike Pence’s severed head for her next photoshoot.

“Just kidding! Ten months I waited to do that joke. Ten months!” – READ MORE

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