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Kasich’s NeverTrump Vote Embodies What’s Wrong with Elites


Members of the ruling elite have a seemingly unlimited capacity to misunderstand populist movements. Like polar bears in an ice age, they benefit from the problems that are ruining the lives of others. Unlike the polar bears, they created the problems that are ruining the lives of others.

Populism doesn’t come raining down on the Jeb Bushes and Hillary Clintons of the world because of random bad luck. Populism is always an equal and opposite reaction to actions that harm ordinary people. In this case, globalization — which is great for giant corporations, the politicians they fund, and the media outlets they own, but bad for ordinary people — is the culprit. Hence, the freak out.

It’s good to be a polar bear like John Kasich. He has the luxury of being outraged by Donald Trump. There’s pretty much no trade deal on Earth that can outsource his job as governor of Ohio. Kasich announced yesterday through his spokesman that he broke his promise to support the Republican nominee and wrote in Arizona Sen. John McCain for president. – READ MORE

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