Kasich Expected to Speak at DNC Convention


Former Ohio governor John Kasich, a prominent Republican critic of President Donald Trump, is expected to speak in support of Joe Biden at the Democratic National Convention next month, according to an Associated Press report.

With news of the report, Kasich joins a handful of Republicans who have come out in support of Biden or otherwise opposed Trump’s reelection efforts this fall.

The two-time failed Republican presidential candidate blamed Trump on CNN earlier this month for causing a “brand problem” in the Republican party.

“He’s flailing. He’s in a meltdown and he looks at his polls and he doesn’t know who to blame,” Kasich, a senior CNN political commentator, said. “What he doesn’t realize is that the base he has, the edges of that base are beginning to fray, the base is getting smaller and smaller. He’s causing a brand problem for Republicans.” – READ MORE

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