Kamala Harris — once touted as first ‘Indian-American’ US Sen — now IDs as ‘African-American’


Sen. Kamala Harris used to be an Indian American, but now she’s an African American.

“Kamala Harris was sworn in by Joe Biden in 2017 as 1st Indian-American United States Senator,” black Trump supporter Christian Lamar posted to Twitter, along with a video of Kamala’s years as an Indian American. “Newsy-DiyaTV-DDnews said she was a Indian-American just like MSNBC did on January 27 2019.

“When did Kamala become African-American? Can you hear an accent from Harris? Black Hillary,” he wrote.

Throughout her career, Harris has promoted herself as a proud Indian American, daughter of an Indian immigrant mother and Jamaican father. Harris’ mother, a Tamil Indian was a breast cancer scientist who immigrated to the United States in 1960 and raised her daughters in a Hindu household, according to a 2004 Los Angeles Times article. – READ MORE

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