Kamala Harris: NY Bar Should Investigate Giuliani, ‘Probably Disbar Him’


California Senator and 2020 Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris targeted Rudy Giuliani during recent interviews on CNN and MSNBC.

“The New York Bar Association needs to investigate Giuliani and probably disbar him,” the former attorney-general told Chris Matthews. She echoed the message in an interview with CNN, saying:

Rudy Giuliani really ought to stop talking and get a lawyer…I’m calling for the IG to investigate if any State officials worked with Giuliani to help him with his personal quest, but I am also saying…the state bar of New York needs to investigate Rudy Giuliani.

Harris’s statements come on the heels of Thursday’s controversial “whistleblower” release, which included a claim that State Department officials spoke to Giuliani “in an attempt to ‘contain the damage’ to U.S. national security” over his communications with Ukraine. Giuliani bluntly told CNN that he had “no knowledge of any of that crap.” – READ MORE

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