Justin Amash: Nancy Pelosi ‘making a mistake’ by not initiating impeachment proceedings against Trump


Just days after announcing his official split from the Republican Party, Rep. Justin Amash (I-Mich.) condemned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday for not initiating impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

“From a principled, moral position, she’s making a mistake,” Amash said on CNN’s “Meet the Press.”

Amash announced in May — nearly two months after the release of the Mueller report — he had concluded that Trump “has engaged in impeachable conduct.” On Sunday, Amash said there will be a “big problem” if Pelosi does not move forward with impeachment proceedings.

“From a strategic position, she’s making a mistake. If she believes, as I do, that there’s impeachable conduct in there, then she should say so. She should tell the American people, we’re going to move forward with impeachment hearings and potentially articles of impeachment,” Amash said. – READ MORE

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