Justice Gorsuch Tells Americans to ‘Look Elsewhere’ If They Don’t Have ‘Great Confidence’ in the US


Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch is asking those Americans who are questioning their confidence in the country, “Where else would you rather be?”

During an interview with CNN, the Supreme Court justice rejected the idea that the additional conservative judges on the court would create a “hard right turn.”

“I just don’t view judges that way,” he said, adding, “I reject that idea of how judges operate.”

“About half, 40 percent, of our cases are decided unanimously. We talked about the 5-4 cases, they make up a quarter of our docket, maybe a third. Those numbers have been consistent since the second world war. The only thing that’s new is that nothing is new.”

“This country has been through a lot of challenges and always risen resiliently to them. Whether it’s the civil rights movement, surviving through our Civil War or today’s challenges. Whatever they may be, I’ve got great confidence in America and I say to those who don’t: ‘Look elsewhere. Where else would you rather be?’” – READ MORE

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