Judge Slams Nick Denton, Rules Hulk Hogan Can Start Seizing Assets from Gawker CEO


Former wrestling champion Hulk Hogan is allowed to start seizing assets from Gawker CEO Nick Denton after a judge ruled that Denton had lied to the court about the value of his company.

“Mr Denton… misled this court in connection with [his] pledge of Gawker Media Group, Inc. stock by concealing material information about the value of that stock which a reasonable person, under the circumstances, should have disclosed,” declared Judge Pamela Campbell.

“These are all material facts affecting the value of the stock Mr. Denton and Mr. Daulerio pledged,” she explained. “The integrity of the civil litigation process depends on truthful disclosure of facts. Revealing only some of the facts does not constitute truthful disclosure.” – READ MORE

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