Judge Jeanine: Time for Jeff Sessions to Put on His ‘Big Boy Pants’ or Get the Hell Out of the Way (VIDEO)


In her Saturday opening statement for Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” Jeanine Pirro reacted to the Inspector General report, saying she was “worried” about the state of Washington D.C. with “demon rats” and the deep state continuing to work against President Donald Trump.

“We need people in Washington who believe in truth and justice and are not offended by the term law and order. This is not a banana republic. This is the United States of America. With a justice system that needs to be protected. It’s time for those people who are not interested in supporting President Trump to get out of his way,” Pirro stated.

Pirro called out Attorney General Jeff Sessions as someone who needs to put on his “big boy pants” or “get the hell” out of Trump’s way. – READ MORE

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