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Journalists shower Hillary with cash 27 to 1 over Trump


Much is known already in this 2016 season of a presidential election about how journalists are in Hillary Clinton’s pocket.

What’s equally important, but probably less known, is that she’s in their pocketbook.

The Center for Public Integrity on Monday reported that journalists so far in this election season have given 27 times as much money to Hillary Clinton as to Donald Trump.

For example, Carole Simpson, a former ABC “World News Tonight” anchor, has given Clinton $2,800.

And New York Times television critic Emily Nussbauam, who spent the Republican National Convention, “pen-pricking presidential nominee Donald Trump as a misogynist shyster,” gave $250 to Clinton.

In a commentary at the Washington Examiner, Paul Bedard wrote, “The CPI report revealed that Clinton was given nearly $400,000 by journalists, while Trump got only about $14,000.”

“Some 430 in the media business donated to Clinton compared to 50 to Trump,” he wrote. “Journalist[s] from the ESPN, Vogue, Elle, the New Republic, Facebook, and many others coughed up cash for Clinton in record form. Even the Pulitzer Prize winning media critic for the New Yorker wrote a check for the Democrat.” – READ MORE 

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