‘Journalist’ Lauren Duca Spreads Misleading Rumor About The Pay Gap For ‘Wonder Woman’


Lauren Duca made it clear Tuesday morning that she doesn’t understand how salaries in Hollywood work.

“Gal Gadot made $300,000 for Wonder Woman as compared to Henry Cavill’s $14M for Man of Steel. The most compelling DC villain is the pay gap,” The former Teen Vogue writer told her hundred of thousands of followers.


However, there’s a couple major problems with Duca’s statement.

First, the $300,000 is a base salary, which is actually exactly on par with what star Chris Evans was paid for the first “Captain America” film, according to Business Insider.

Secondly, and more importantly, Gadot will likely cash in on millions in bonuses much like Evans and other superhero actors and actresses before her, according to the same report.

Furthermore, Vanity Fair noted that Cavill’s $14 million haul included sizable bonuses and was likely part of a multi-film deal.

It’s unlikely Duca, who has had some epic performances on television, will correct the record anytime soon.

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