Journalism Guidelines for Muslim Stories Under Attack; Media In the Tank for Islam


The Society of Professional Journalists released guidelines for the media on how to cover Islamic/Muslim/Arab stories. It reads like a bad Dr. Seuss book, minus the rhymes yet complete with babbling utopian nonsense. These gems are still on the society’s web page for some strange reason. No wonder the MSM write like zombies.

How should the “media” cover Islam? Here are some helpful tips:

When writing about terrorism, remember to include white supremacist, radical anti-abortionists and other groups with a history of such activity.

Do not imply that kneeling on the floor praying, listening to Arabic music or reciting from the Quran are peculiar activities.

Avoid using terms such as “jihad” unless you are certain of their precise meaning and include the context when they are used in quotations. The basic meaning of “jihad” is to exert oneself for the good of Islam and to better oneself.

Portray Muslims, Arabs and Middle Eastern and South Asian Americans in the richness of their diverse experiences;

Avoid using word combinations such as “Islamic terrorist” or “Muslim extremist” that are misleading because they link whole religions to criminal activity. Be specific: Alternate choices, depending on context, include “Al Qaeda terrorists” or, to describe the broad range of groups involved in Islamic politics, “political Islamists.” Do not use religious characterizations as shorthand when geographic, political, socioeconomic or other distinctions might be more accurate.

Do not represent Arab Americans and Muslims as monolithic groups. Avoid conveying the impression that all Arab Americans and Muslims wear traditional clothing.

Use photos and features to demystify veils, turbans and other cultural articles and customs.

Cover the victims of harassment, murder and other hate crimes as thoroughly as you cover the victims of overt terrorist attacks.

Make an extra effort to include olive-complexioned and darker men and women, Sikhs, Muslims and devout religious people of all types in arts, business, society columns and all other news and feature coverage, not just stories about the crisis. Read full SPJ link if you can stomach more

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