Josh Hawley Slams Democrats For ‘Destroying Any Institution They Can’t Control’


Freshman Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) criticized Democrats’ renewed calls to impeach Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and subsequently sabotage the federal judiciary.

“You know, they want to impeach Justice Kavanaugh, they want to pack the Supreme Court, I mean, talk about destroying any institution that they can’t control — it is really unbelievable,” Hawley said during an interview with Hill.TV on Monday. “This is a Democratic Party that increasingly is at war with the American Constitution.”

“I mean, they’re willing to destroy an entire branch of government,” he continued. “The independent judiciary, they want to destroy it. Why? Because it won’t rule the way they want it to. I mean, is there anything more dangerous to constitutional government than that way of thinking?”

Hawley’s remarks come after a host of high-profile Democratic lawmakers have begun calling anew for Kavanaugh’s impeachment, following a new sexual misconduct allegation. Only days earlier, The New York Times published a report alleging that a friend of the Supreme Court justice pushed his genitalia into the hand of a female student while attending a party at Yale University in the 1980s.- READ MORE

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