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John Podesta’s Casting Call for “Top Tier” Minority Women or Even An Asian Woman To Work in Obama White House


John Podesta and the Obama administration don’t need smart white women. There’s apparently plenty of honkeys to go around in the Beltway and they have no place in the White House. No pun intended.

What Podesta could really use to fill out President-elect Obama’s administration, is a “top tier” minority woman. Preferably African American. But he would settle for an “asian,” even though that doesn’t fit the “taste” of other handlers in the Democratic machine, according to an email chain released by Wikileaks Tuesday.

in a November 2008 email chain between Podesta, James Rubin and Michael Froman, a busy Podesta is searching to fill administration posts for Obama four days after the Democrat was elected president of the United States. Froman recruits Susan Collins, an African American, for an unnamed Obama position, but finds she has already committed to be dean of public policy at the University of Michigan’s Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy.

Froman writes: “Said no. She was terribly flattered, etc., but she’s one year into a 5-year commitment as dean at Univ of Michigan, just moved her family back from DC to Michigan and regrets that this is the wrong time to take on something like this.”

A downtrodden Podesta, sensing he might be losing out on the top tier minority women lottery, responds:

“That sucks. Can you call Larry and see what minorities he would put in top tier? Could be an asian. I know this isn’t Larry’s taste, but better if a woman.”

Incredible. We don’t know Larry’s full name but we do know that he apparently doesn’t like Asian women. An email like this from a Donald Trump surrogate would lead to street riots.


What, Whoopi wasn’t available either?

Podesta, treating the newly minted Obama administration like minority-only game show, beckons a question first queried by the black sheriff in the movie Blazing Saddles, except that was a satirical movie poking fun at racism. Podesta was actively promoting reverse racism to pack a presidential administration for a Democrat party that hypes itself as all inclusive and uber diverse.

A rare glimpse inside the Obama presidency, just four days old, and his faux mission to heal the country’s racial divide, apparently by snubbing white women, even before his inauguration, who were largely responsible for his election in the first place.

A copy of the full email can be read here.


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