John McCain Dead; Spent Twilight of Senate Career Plotting, Conspiring to Sabotage President from Own GOP Party


John McCain is dead. He was 81.

He will be lauded as a war hero and talked about as some type of American icon by the corrupt mainstream media and the feckless elites in D.C. who control the weak press.

But McCain’s legacy, in truth, will always be tainted by his role in trying to illegally subvert the presidency of Donald Trump. In concert with corrupt FBI and CIA assets and agents.

Except McCain vacated D.C. over eight months ago in Dec. 2017 and never returned to the beltway, avoiding having to answer for conspiring with the FBI and others to sabotage the Trump presidency.

Heartless to harp on McCain’s failures at the time of his death?


But some semblance of REAL facts — not the flowery blatherings of phonies and curruptocrats — need to be presented to balance out the hype that will unfold in the coming days.

We applaud McCain for his service to this country, however, his disturbing behavior in recent years cannot go ignored. That happened too while he was in service to this nation.

And it certainly will haunt his legacy.

Both sides of a public servant’s record — the good and the bad — should be equally weighed. And debated. That is our right as Americans and taxpayers.

This story is developing.

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