John Kerry clashes with Rep. Thomas Massie on his college degree, climate change: ‘Are you serious?’


Former Secretary of State John Kerry and Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., had a heated exchange Tuesday over Kerry’s education and climate change.

Kerry, 75, appeared before the House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing to talk about climate change. The incredible exchange began when Massie read a quote Kerry said regarding President Trump’s advisers.

“It sounds like you’re questioning the credentials of the president’s advisers, but I don’t think we should question your credentials today. Isn’t it true you have a science degree from Yale?” Massie asked Kerry.

Kerry replied that he had a bachelor of arts degree from the university.


“Is it a political science degree?” Massie, who has two engineering degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, asked.

“Yes, it’s political science,” the former Massachusetts senator said.

“So, how do you get a bachelor of arts in science?” the congressman asked.

“Well it’s liberal arts education and – it’s a bachelor,” Kerry said.

“So, it’s not really science. I think it’s somewhat appropriate that somebody with a pseudoscience degree is here pushing pseudoscience in front of our committee,” Massie said before Kerry fired back.

“Are you serious? I mean this is really happening here?” the former secretary of state asked. – READ MORE

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