John Brennan: ‘Pathological Deceiver’ Trump ‘Rankles Me to No End’


Former CIA Director John Brennan has once against spoken out against President Donald Trump, describing him in a recent interview as a “pathological deceiver” who “rankles” him “to no end.”

Speaking to the Irish Times over the weekend, Brennan discussed what he claims is the root of his harsh and repeated criticism of President Trump. The longtime Deep Stater’s attacks, he claims, aren’t driven as much by president’s policy prescriptions but by his character.

“So my beef with Donald Trump is not because he has done some very foolish things – like reneging on the Iran nuclear deal, or how he has handled the North Korea situation – I find that many of his policies are deeply flawed and are purely tactical to give him a political bounce,” he told interviewer Suzanne Lynch, the Times’ Washington Correspondent.

“But if that was the only problem I had with him, I would be silent. What really just rankles me to no end is his dishonesty, his lack of ethics and principles and character, the way he demeans and degrades and denigrates individuals or institutions of government, what he has done and said about the FBI and CIA and the former leadership, the fact that he wilfully misleads not just the American people but the world,” the former Obama spy chief continued.

Brennan concluded his thoughts on Trump by stating: “He is a pathological deceiver and that lack of ethical, principled behaviour is something that I never thought I would see in the president of the United States who is the most powerful person in the world, who should serve as a role model to all Americans. – READ MORE

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