Joe Biden taps AOC to lead campaign’s climate change task force


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said on Tuesday that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is working with the Biden campaign to promote her “Green New Deal.”

According to a CNN report, the democratic socialist will “co-chair a task force” for the Biden campaign centered on climate change.

The move, according to the outlet, is intended to add “progressive credentials to the former vice president’s effort to unify the party ahead of the general election.”

In an interview with KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, Biden confirmed the news.

“[T]he good news is that Bernie [Sanders] has robustly endorsed me, we’ve set up joint committees together to deal with how we would deal with everything from … the virus all the way down to education, the criminal justice system, the New Green Deal, et cetera,” he said. “And we’ve got overwhelming support. I mean, we’re more united today than almost every, every single person who competed in the primary is now wholeheartedly endorsed me, campaigned around the country for me using their digital media to promote our campaign, and I’m working with Bernie and with his people.” – READ MORE

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