Joe Biden Defends $1.9 Trillion Coronavirus Aid: Americans Losing Hope, Looking to Government for Help


President Joe Biden again sounded a dark note on the state of the American economy after the employment numbers were released Friday.

“It’s very clear that our economy is in trouble,” he said during a speech at the White House, highlighting the difficulties for Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden spoke about the hopelessness in the country, pointing to the rise in suicides, drug overdoses, domestic violence, and mental health problems in the country.

He proposed the government as the solution, announcing that he would move forward on his $1.9 trillion rescue package.

“A lot of folks are losing hope and I believe the American people are looking right now to their government for help,” he said.

Biden indicated he was no longer interested in working with Republicans to pass a bipartisan coronavirus relief bill, noting that the negotiations would only prolong the aid that was needed immediately. – READ MORE

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