Joaquin Castro Wants People To ‘Think Twice’ About Supporting Trump (VIDEO)


Texas representative Joaquin Castro (D.) defended his decision to publicly displaythe names and employers of 44 private citizens who donated to President Donald Trump during an interview on Morning Joe Wednesday morning.

Castro, co-chair of his brother Julian’s presidential campaign, said he wants “people to think twice” about supporting Trump and that the graphic was already circulating before he shared it.

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski also excused the posting of donor names by arguing that the information is already publicly accessible.

“You’re not releasing any new information or revealing any secrets. You’re literally framing what is already public information. And wouldn’t you want more people to know who was funding which presidential campaign?” Brzezinski said, adding that if someone is proud of supporting President Trump, then that information will be public. – READ MORE

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