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    Jimmy Kimmel at ABC’s Upfront: ‘Our President Is a Lunatic, and We’re All Gonna Die’


    Jimmy Kimmel Took The Stage At Abc’s Annual Upfront Presentation To Advertisers On Tuesday And Lit Into His Network’s Recent Show Cancellations, Sitcom Star Roseanne Barr, And, Of Course, President Donald Trump.

    “We have a new slogan this year ABC. Our new slogan is ‘Forward Together.’ Hillary Clinton had a yard sale, and she let us have that for almost nothing,” the late-night host began, in a routine meant to poke fun at the TV network business while advertisers field offers to place their products on the various platforms.

    “We have a new reality dating show called The Proposal. Contestants compete to marry someone they haven’t met. I haven’t seen this yet, but it sounds like it isn’t so much a dating show as a thinly veiled sex trafficking operation,” Kimmel said.

    “Our ratings are going down, and our prices are going up. Too bad, eat it,” he said. “Our president is a lunatic, and we’re all gonna die. If this continues, it won’t say R.I.P. on our headstones, it will say K.P.I.” – READ MORE

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