Jim Carrey Officially Turns On Mueller


The formerly highest paid actor in the world now spends most of his time producing and posting darkly satirical political art pushing left-wing conspiratorial takes on the news of the day, particularly focusing on Hollywood’s Source of All Evil, the duly elected President of the United States. Over the weekend, Carrey made clear that he has officially “washed his hands” of the man who Trump critics spent two years touting as the guy who would finally take down the president, Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“You let us down Mr. Mueller,” Carrey tweeted, along with a likeness of Mueller and the acronym “AWOL” scrawled in white over the black background. “You saw obstruction and washed your hands of it. Not indicting a President is a memo, not a law. You let a tyrant skate with ‘I don’t remember’. You gave the enemy a leg up. Live with that…’PROSECUTOR.'”View image on Twitter

While Carrey appears to have faced the fact that the “collusion” conspiracy theory — the central accusation leveled by Democrats and Trump’s critics for two years — was thoroughly dismantled by Mueller’s report, he, like the Democratic leadership, has shifted the focus now to alleged obstruction of justice, about which the report states, “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.” – READ MORE

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