Jim Carrey Craziness Continues On Twitter In New Sean Hannity Post


Jim Carrey, once the highest paid actor in Hollywood, has increasingly become known for his wild and at times downright freaky leftwing political cartoons. Fresh off of angering just about everybody with his faith-mocking portrait of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, and his fantasy of Trump’s sons being impaled by an elephant, Carrey offered another bizarre painting targeting yet another famous conservative voice: Sean Hannity.

In a highly-publicized hearing on Monday, Michael Cohen, the personal lawyer of President Trump, was forced to reveal his mysterious “third client,” who turns out to be Hannity. Well sort of. Hannity says that he never actually retained or paid Cohen for anything; rather, he just sought his “input and perspective” on some legal matters on “occasion,” mostly involving real estate questions.

But no matter, Hannity has now been connected to Trump’s “toxic” “fixer” and thus he was game for some ridicule by Carrey – READ MORE

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