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Jessica Alba Laughs Last After $1 Billion Offer For Her “Honest” Company


While we would never wish ill will upon anyone, particularly someone with Jessica Alba’s particular “talent”, earlier this year we must admit that we derived some comfort from a WSJ article alleging that Alba’s “Honest Company” hadn’t really been that honest in disclosing which chemicals were used to make their “non-toxic” diapers and detergents.  It’s not that we took any delight in Alba’s potential failure, but we were at least relieved that future investors might be spared additional investing “opportunities” in America’s latest mania-driven bubble.

As we noted then, it looked as if the Alba bubble may have burst (as frightening as that may sound) when the WSJ released an article alleging that Alba’s company may have been using chemicals in their products that they had claimed to shun.

Alas, Jessica Alba and her “Honest Company” may get the last laugh, according to the Wall Street Journal, asUnilever, maker of Dove soaps and Axe body sprays, is in talks to acquire Alba’s company for $1 billion.  That said, we weren’t totally wrong as Unilever’s contemplated purchase price is over 40% less than the $1.7BN valuation placed on Honest in it’s latest fundraising round.  – READ MORE

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