Jerome Corsi blasts special counsel probe as ‘political witch hunt,’ ‘memory test’


Conservative author Jerome Corsi told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators accused him of lying under oath only after “I couldn’t give them what they wanted.”


In echoes of Trump, Corsi described the Mueller investigation as “a political witch hunt,” “completely rigged” and “politically driven by Clinton operatives who have an agenda.” He also described his interview with investigators as a “memory test.”

“They ask you a question, they have material they won’t show you, you’ve forgotten about it, and they say ‘You just lied because this email you forgot about in 2016 proves your current memory is wrong,'” he said.

“Roger’s right,” added Corsi, referring to Stone. “If you can’t give them what they’re looking for to fill their narrative, they blow you up and charge you with a crime.” – READ MORE

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