Jenna Ellis: Swing-State Legislatures Will Reject ‘False Corrupt Results,’ Switch Electors to Trump


On Monday, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Jenna Ellis predicted that legislatures in four key swing states would reverse their certifications of 2020 election results showing Democrat Joe Biden prevailing over Trump, exercising their authority to change the way electors in the Electoral College are apportioned and handing the president the election. This legislative approach represents another facet of the Trump team’s push to reverse the allegedly tainted results.

“We do have the parallel paths. We are continuing on in the judiciary and I do anticipate that we will get to the Supreme Court,” Ellis told Fox Business’s Charles Payne. The legislative approach represents an alternate path to the same result.

Ellis said she and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani have been “going to the state legislators and telling them that they actually have the constitutionally-delegated authority to make sure that they select their delegates in the manner that does not allow for corruption.”

“When all of these rules and laws in these states have been ignored, it’s actually their constitutional obligation, responsibility, and exclusive power to make sure that they take back their delegates and they don’t allow these false certifications to move forward,” the Trump lawyer argued.

Ellis predicted that the legislatures of Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan would use their authority over determining Electoral College electors in order to reverse the fraud which Ellis argued was responsible for Biden’s margin in those states.

“So, we’re very confident that at least in Georgia, and hopefully also in Arizona, in Pennsylvania, and also in Michigan that these state legislatures will really take election integrity very seriously, they will reclaim their delegates before the 14th [the date on which electors will cast their votes in their separate states] and that they will then do their own election integrity independent investigation and then they will certify to the Electoral College the delegates that actually reflects the will of the people, not these false corrupt results,” the lawyer predicted.- READ MORE

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