Jeffrey Epstein was held in same Florida jail as his victim


Jeffrey Epstein was held at the same Florida jail as one of his victims in 2008 when he did time as part of a cushy plea deal, according to a report Tuesday.

Officials at the Palm Beach County Jail were told to keep Epstein and the unidentified woman — who was being held in a drug intervention dorm — “separate” from each other, the Daily Mail reported.

They were also told to keep the dilemma under wraps.

“The fact that they are both here should not be ‘advertised,’” Lt. Mark Chamberlain advised his lieutenants in a Dec. 17, 2008, email obtained by the outlet. “Please ensure they are kept separate at all times, with emphasis on medical, visitation and GED classes.”

Chamberlain’s email was in response to one from Capt. David Sleeth, who informed the jail’s Warden Tammy Waldrop and others that he had received a call from FBI Agent Nesbitt Kuyskendoll about Epstein and the female inmate. – READ MORE

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